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MINUTES OF 24th AGM - 2012


 24.                        The 24th Annual General Meeting of The Pakistan Technocrats Coop. Housing Society Ltd was scheduled to be held on 30th September, 2012 at Canal gardens Lahore at 10.00 AM.  The President Col ® Shams Din Goraya took over the rostrum at 10:00 a.m. and announced that since the quorum is not complete at the scheduled time, the meeting is postponed as per amended clause # 23 of the Model Bye-Laws for half an hour and will now be held at 10:30 a.m. He read out the text of Clause 23 of the Model by-laws for the guidance of the honorable members.

 At 10:30 a.m. the President   asked Mr. Ghulam Fareed Qadri to conduct the proceedings of the meeting as Stage Secretary. Mr. Ghulam Fareed Qadri started the meeting with the name of Allah and asked permission of the President to start the AGM. The President allowed him to start the meeting.  Mr. Qadri welcomed the honorable members in the 24th AGM.


 24.1. The Stage Secretary then invited Mr. Ghulam Shabbir, Qari of the Jamia Mosque to recite a few verses from the Holy Quran. After the talawat and its translation by Qari Sahib, Mr. Ghulam Fareed Qadri put forth a Condemnation Resolution before the House against the American Producer for making a film desecrating the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). The Resolution was passed by the House unanimously. Mr. Qadri informed the House that the AGM meeting will now proceed as per Agenda and the Question-Answer Secession will be held at the end. He then asked the honorable members to offer fatiha for the departed souls of Society’s members, who had left us during the past year. Mr. Tauseef Ahmad Khan Lodhi offered prayer for them.  After fatiha, Mr. Qadri introduced the Managing Committee members.   




After the introduction of the M.C. Members, the Stage Secretary invited Col ® Shams Din Goraya, President to address the august House. The President in his opening address welcomed the members & expressed his gratitude for attending the meeting in such a large number. He said:


1.                 “I welcome you all in the 24th Annual General Meeting of The Pakistan Technocrats Cooperative Housing Society Ltd. Your presence in such a great numbers in-spite of Holiday has really encouraged me and it is the manifestation of your confidence in the Managing Committee. I also welcome the officials of Co-Operative Department. Our Society was established in 1989 and has completed 23 years long journey despite various obstacles and odds, which we have encountered successfully with your co-operation. All the members of the Managing Committee firmly stood by me without any fear or favor.


2.                 Purchase of land for the Society was a cumbersome process and we had to face a lot of problems and obstacles right from the beginning for its registration, mutation and finally the possession. The process does not end here. Sometime the owners of land after receiving the earnest money back out from the agreement. Sometime they decline to deliver the possession despite registration/mutation of land and try to black mail the
Society to get more money. It has also been observed that in some cases the legal heirs after the death of owner of the land declare that that registries/Power of attorneys having the signatures / thumb impression of the owners are forged, thus putting the Society in an awkward position. However, we have come out of all these problems successfully with your full support and cooperation.


3.                  As you have seen, construction activity in the Society is in full swing. About 42 residential houses and 11 commercial plazas have already been constructed and 40 new units are under way. I welcome all the new residents of Canal Gardens and their families and hope that their living in the Society will be comfortable and pleasant. All the residents and their families are fully co-operating with the Termasworld and abiding by the Society By-laws and Construction laws. 


 4.                 Now I would like to inform you about the completed and on-going development projects in the Society. With the efforts of Ch. Shaukat Ali, Sui Gas has been provided in all the Blocks of the Society. A Water Filtration Plant has also been installed with the co-operation of Mr. Ghulam Fareed Qadri to provide clean drinking water to the residents, which is fully functional.. Mr. Qadri has also promised to provide a Water Cooler. Keeping in view the health issues, a jogging track has also been completed in Main Park of B-Block.. Fully Air Conditioned Mosque is also functional. In order to address the security problems,  Boundary Wall has almost been completed. All parks including H-Block Park have been developed. Lights, Benches and swings for children have also been provided in the Parks. With the prior permission of Co-Operative Department, the Society has acquired land adjacent to A-Block and has developed 5-Marlas plots there. 


5.                 In view of serious threat from dengue virus, the Termasworld of the Society is fully alert. A full fledged information campaign has been launched for the guidance of the residents. For this purpose, banners have been displayed in the Society and pamphlets are being distributed amongst the residents. All sorts of debris and waste have been removed from the Society premises. Nowhere in the Society, you will see stagnant water. In this noble cause, I also seek your co-operation.




6.                 In the end, I again thank all of you for your patient hearing.  I am thankful to my old colleague Col® Abdul Shakoor Malik, Secretary General, and all other Managing Committee members, who have fully cooperated with me. I also appreciate the good working of the Office/field staff for their dedicated services and hope that they will work with the same zeal in future too. Canal Gardens Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad!”






The President, Col (R) Shams Din Goraya put the minutes of last AGM - 2011 before the House for confirmation. He informed the House that these Minutes have already been sent to all the confirmed members and no objection in this regard has so far been received back and asked the House to confirm the Minutes of AGM-2011. The House confirmed the same unanimously.




                          24.4   PRESENTATION OF ANNUAL REPORT:


Mr. Ghulam Fareed Qadri then requested Secretary General, Engr. Abdul Shakoor Malik to present the Annual Report of the Society for the year under review. Mr. Abdul Shakoor presented the Annual Report as under:




Mr. President, Termasworld Committee members and honorable member of the society.










I feel greatly honored to welcome you all to this 24th Annual General Meeting of the Society. It is my proud privilege to present the Annual Report for the year 2011-2012.




In this meeting I would present to you the performance of the M.C during the year under review for your consideration and suggesting ways and means that you may consider necessary to further improve the working of the M.C. we have tried to put in our best efforts for improvement in the affairs of the society and leave the matter to worthy members to judge the results that have been achieved.




The present M.C was installed on 05.11.2010 on the basis of election held on 31.10.2010. The constituents of the elected Termasworld Committee after incorporation of Co-option were notified by the Co-operative Department. The Termasworld Committee set up Abinam to assist the Termasworld and to support the functions of the M.C. The performance of which will be quite evident in the report.


During the year under report monthly meetings were held regularly to conduct the business of the society. The MC remained quite active and due to the efforts of MC and Sub Committees the affairs and activities of the societies improved considerably.


The performance of Abinam remained generally more than satisfactory, I would, however, make a mention about the performance of those Abinam who have shown extra ordinary activity in my report.




1.     The society after registration with Co-operative Department sought planning permission for 11,663-Kanals 16-Marlas from LDA in the year 1990. The society was unable to purchase the entire land within 3 month of the planning permission. Instead land measuring 2008-Kanals was procured. LDA threatened to cancel the planning permission granted for 2008-Kanals in view of this threat society submitted that it has decided to complete the procurement  of land in two phases, Phase-I (Sector-A, B, C and D) and phase-II (Sector E, F, G and H) this was done mainly to waive off. 3 months period condition granted by LDA for planning. The scheme comprising land measuring 834-Kanals 9-Marla was submitted to LDA with all the requisite documents required for the purpose. Accordingly area measuring 834-Kanals 9-Marla was advertised in two National dailies by LDA inviting objection if any. After receiving no objection, the formalities with regards to the technical approval of all the allied services/facilities were submitted with designs reports based on the submitted layout plan for phase-I enumerating the design criteria, specification set out by LDA and drawings prepared by the society consultant for scrutiny and according approval which were received from the concerned agencies (TEPA, WASA) after clearance from LDA.  CMP (LDA) directed the society to execute an agreement with LDA to transfer 40% of total area to LDA, which includes roads, parks, public buildings area and grave yard area free of cost and 30% (Residential Developed Plots) in the name of LDA. Society flatly refused to accept this condition on the plea that members plots cannot be offered for mortgage and likewise area reserved for public building cannot be offered free of cost which has been purchased by the members money. In spite of our hectic efforts the situation did not change LDA resorted to issue of show cause notices till the year 1995. Meanwhile society approached the Co-operative Department which wrote a comprehensive letter to Govt. of Punjab through Secretary Co-operative Govt. of Punjab to waive off the condition laid down by LDA. LDA insisted for submission of the deeds as asked for and resorted to issue of summons against the President and Secretary General. The society was left with no option but to file a suit in Lahore High Court Lahore and got the relief with the suspension of Reg 40 of LDA Act 1992 and permission to execute the development works as per approved design by LDA. LDA offered to settle the matter out of court only if the mortgage deed and free of cost transfer of open spaces is submitted vide its letter sent in the year 1998 this gave the society a clear cut signal that matter will not be resolved unless the deeds are submitted to LDA which was unacceptable to the society. The cases of our neighboring societies came under review which revealed that our society does not fall under the jurisdiction of LDA and area was under the control of District Council, Lahore. Both these Housing Societies namely Bahria Town and Sukh Chain Gardens were approved by District Council, Lahore. Accordingly PTCHS moved its case to District Council in the year 2000 for the approval of its scheme with land measuring 1463-kanals 11-Marla. Which was approved our worthy member should note that all this was done in the interest of our member to save them from the future complications and difficulties as redemption of plots was a difficult process for our honorable members.


It is not out of place to mention that LDA has again resorted to pressure tactics with the following actions: -


a.     LDA complained to Co-operative Department based on flimsy arguments with the direction to take stern action against the society since the society has violated the approved layout plan. It is quite surprising to note that LDA has raised the violation against the layout plan which LDA (CMP) Wing did not sign and issue to the society in-spite of our repeated request from the year 1992-2000. The Co-operative Department informed LDA that the matter has been investigated and no irregularity has been found.




b.    When this move did not serve LDA purpose it issued advertisement in the National Dailies against the society suspended the permission so granted which did not effect the society because of its approval from District Council. However to be on safe side society approached the Court of Mr. Sabir Hussain Dahar, Civil Judge 1st Class, Lahore for setting aside the advertisement. The society in the light of the judgment issued advertisements in Daily Jang and Daily Nawai-e-Waqat dated 24th September, 2012 for the information of its worthy member.




c.     LDA also issued a letter to District officer Revenue to transfer the 40% scheme land reserved for open spaces and public buildings in the name of LDA in the Revenue records. Steps have been taken to guard against this move also. LDA clearly admitted in the list of the approved scheme vide the annexure attached with this letter that the Pakistan Technocrats is an approved society.




Security arrangement in the society has always been a source of discomfort. After availing the services of different agencies and also giving a try to own arrangement by mustering the ex-serviceman and civilian guards which did not work to the satisfaction of the residents. A proposal in this regard has been submitted by one of the residents Mr. Mian Jehangir which is under review by a committee convened to prepare its recommendation for the MC to resolve the issue once for all the following measures with regards to make the security arrangement foolproof have also been included in the agenda of the committee.


(1)Installation of security camera’s at the entrance gate.


(2)Issue of car stickers to the car owners already in process.


(3)Enlistment of labor working in the premises of the society to be registered on the request of the owner of the plot.


(4)Construction of sentry post at the point where infiltration is expected.






Payment towards the security and Maintenance of the society premises is directly proportional to the charges being levied to the honorable members whether resident or non-resident. As such these charges are revised periodically to cope up with expenditure being incurred and also the inflation.  The honorable members are requested not to be vocal in this regards because the Termasworld has always been thinking and working in the interest of the society and its member.




1.     A piece of land measuring 8-kanal was Registered and muted in the name of the society in the year 1996. The executent of this sale deed died in the year 2006 and the legal heirs backed out with mala-fide intention and filed a suit against the society in the year 2012 after a lapse of 16 years and 6 years after the death of their father. An FIR against the President and the Secretary General of the Society was registered. The matter has been resolved through the emissary of the Police and mediator. The society has benefited from this deal because a long outstanding advance against this deal has also been recovered. The services rendered by Advocate Jaffar Riaz Kataria cannot be ignored without appreciation.


2.     In order to clear the pockets falling within the society premises the Termasworld sought permission of the Registrar Co-operative Societies Punjab under Bye-Laws No. 4(1) and 34(1) for extension of the Housing Scheme by including pocket of land falling within the society premises and land adjacent to the society, in the light of this permission following pieces of land have been  purchased falling within the lay out plan.






1-marla                16-Marlas




3.     Land measuring 62-Kanal 16-Marlas was recommended by the convener of the land purchase committee for purchase. The subject land was adjacent to the society. It is being arranged through an investor on land sharing basis. It was decided that the investor will be responsible for getting this land registered and mutated in the name of the society. The investor will be responsible to make payment of all Govt. Taxes, fees and charges the possession of land will be handed over to the society after proper measurement of the area. Investor share of 5-marla plots will be given to the investor and society will be the owner of the rest of area. The society will have 20-K 14-M for parks and public building as per layout plan and LDA Bye Laws. The House approved purchase of land adjacent to the Society to complete its lay out plan and sale of the plots at the rates higher than the market prices.






Disparity in the DC rates between the neighboring society invited criticism because canal garden DC rates which have been notified as Rs.1,65,000/-  per Marla for residential and Rs.3,65,000/- for commercial plot are quite high as compared to Bahria Town and Jalliana MC decided to challenge the notification in High Court Mr. Ch. Shaukat Ali member MC was authorized to pursue the matter in the Court. It is expected that decision in this regards would be forthcoming in the near future.






The case is lying with circle Registrar in the office of Registrar Co-operative Societies. Before the document is signed by the Registrar Co-operative Societies DUE Diligence report regarding amalgamation is required to be submitted on the following with regards to the affair Termasworld and entitlement of land for phase-I of TIP society including scrutiny and physical measurement of land.




(1)Approved layout plan


(2)Revised layout plan if any


(3)Aks shajra


(4)Photo copies of Registries and mutation


(5)List of litigation if any


(6)Infra structures designs






A case for issue of Distribution License to the society was heard by NEPRA and direction was issued that before the issue of license LESCO should issue the NOC to the society that electricity will be supplied to the society. Secretary General and the consultant met with LESCO Chief who with his recommendation has sent the case to PEPCO for approval. Both Bahria Town and PTCHS cases are lying with PEPCO for approval.






A meeting was held between Allied School Termasworld through its Director Mr. Jaaveid Baig and the Termasworld of PTCHS through its President assisted by two members of the M.C


·        Mr. Muhammad Ali Abbasi


·        Mr. Tauseef Ahmed Khan Lodhi


Main issue under discussion was establishment of Higher Secondary School for Boys and Girls at the premises of Canal Gardens. A plot measuring 8-kanals in sector-B has been earmarked for the school. Following decisions were taken after mutual agreement between the parties:-


1)    Lease period             50-years


2)    Share of profit                   On monthly basis to be                                                      commuted by a private                                             auditor.                                  


3)    Board of Director     Consist of five members with                                  two of the members will


be taken from PTCHS nominated by M.C.


4)    Comprehensive School will be established preferably based on the Montessori system




After the agreement, the Director of Allied School Termasworld lost contact, although drawing of the building has already been prepared and is awaiting its approval. Lately school Termasworld has established contact with the society. The House approved the leasing of school area to a reputable school system.






Most of the wild growth has been removed from the area in view of the dengue virus useable plants has also been removed and replanted at the suitable places. Society Nursery was lucky to receive donation from Dr. Anwar Hussain Rizvi and Tauseef Ahmed Khan Lodhi.






(1)Sui Gas


Sui Gas was commissioned in sector “A” to “F” last year now it has been extended to sector “G” and “H”.


(2)Water course running across the society premises was shifted last year with the courtesy of water Termasworld department, Govt. of the Punjab. Good news for the house that allocation of funds for the removal of water course running across the society has been received and work will be taken in hand shortly.


(3)Water Supply


At present water supply is available 24 hours.


(4)Sewerage Disposal


Sewerage Disposal has been planned for disposal in Hadyara Drain. The process will be further facilitated after the amalgamation of the neighboring TIP Society with PTCHS.


(5)Street Lights


An experiment is underway to switch the street light to solar system




Lush Green Parks of the society have been appreciated by the visitors. Regular plantation of the flowers and plants is a continuous process. Park in H-Block has also been fully developed.


(7)Approach to Society


Approach to the society has registered another change when the canal road has been converted into two-way approach.


                   Dengue Virus


The last year disasters due to Dengue fever effected the province of Punjab in general and city of Lahore in particular. To guard against its eruption this year the society under the direction of the Co-operative department took strict steps against its revival.


1)    Massive cleanliness campaign has been launched. The vacant plots have been cleared off the shrubs and grass. Garbage and other solid waste is removed.


2)    Through pamphlets and other material the residents are being made aware of the preventive measures through display of banners and hording.


3)    All out efforts are being made to remove stagnant water which is not allowed to accumulate at any place in the society.


4)    Dengue has been labeled as domestic mosquito as such the cleanliness around the buildings and the houses is important.




In the end I on behalf of the Termasworld Committee, the President and on my own behalf thank you all for sparing your precious time for making this function a success.  I thank all my colleagues for their kind help in the affairs of the society. My thanks are due to all Abinam for their unstinted support. My thanks are also due to the office staff for their support and co-operation. I have tried to discharge the duties entrusted to me without any prejudice and politics. It is up-to you to judge how far I have succeeded. I will listen to your advice and suggestions for improving my working further as member views have always been instrumental in improving the society affairs. After the detailed report of the Secretary General, the House confirmed/approved all the decisions/actions taken by the Managing Committee of the PTCHS during the year 2011-2012.












Mr. Ghulam Fareed Qadri, Secretary Finance of the Society presented the following Financial Reports one by one for discussion and approval of the House.




a).      Audit Report for the period 1/07/2010 to 30/06/2011 of the External Auditors was presented by the Finance Secretary and was approved by the House.


b).      Audit Report for the period 01/07/2011 to 30/06/2012 of the Internal Auditors was presented by the Finance Secretary and was approved by the House.


c).     Re-appropriated Budget of 2011-12 was presented by the Finance Secretary and was approved by the House.


d).     Proposed Budget for the year 2012-13 was presented by the Finance Secretary and was approved by the House.








Lists of new members enrolled and exclusion of old members, who sold their plots were presented before the House by Mr. Abdul Shakoor Malik, Secretary General. The same were approved by the House.




24.7       ADOPTION OF MODEL Cosmeticatermal.




The President then took over the rostrum and informed the House that recently the Co-operative Department, Government of the Punjab has directed to place the  Model Cosmeticatermal before the General Body Meeting for necessary approval.




Accordingly the Model Cosmeticatermal were placed before the House. The same were approved unanimously by the House.




24.8       ANY OTHER POINT


After the formal proceeding of the meeting as per Agenda, the Question-Answer session was held, in which different honorable members raised queries, which were answered by the respective Managing Committee members. Since there was no other issue to be discussed, the President thanked all the participants and announced closing of the 24th AGM. - 2012.